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DevOps without Fear

An image of a man paving his road
Paving a new road for every destination is painful

DevOps is the thing between your source code and your customer. It’s like buying a car and then having to pave a new road to every destination.

Using something that 'just works' can mean the difference between shipping in a few weeks or shipping in a few months. Doing DevOps internally means hiring more people and spending more time on things that ultimately don't benefit the bottom line of your business. You should be building features that your users love, not building roads.

Surely if you a developer or a business you really want to focus on your application and not have to worry about the underlying infrastructure. You just want to build something and push it to your customers. This is why PaaS (platform as a service) adds so much value. It removes all the complexity of delivering software to your customers.

There is only one problem with PaaS that is you are running on someone else’s setup. You end up having to pay a premium and you lose the ability to control what components are available and in which region.

It’s important that developers and businesses have the ability to control which cloud provider, components, and regions to use. It’s also important that the controls are simple. That’s the only way developers and businesses can take back control and keep their costs down.

Afraid To Ask Andy Meme | I DON'T KNOW WHY OUR CLOUD BILL IS SO HIGH; AT THIS POINT I'M AFRAID TO ASK | image tagged in memes,afraid to ask andy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Have you ever looked at your cloud bill and wondered "wow, can I reduce some of this?". There is a high chance that you don't look further because you are afraid to delete un-used resources in your cloud because you simply don’t know what parts of your organization is using it? There is a high chance that underneath all that complexity you are over paying for your hosting. You need a better tool to help you manage your resources and deploy your apps. Tools that give you clarity removes fear and replace it with confidence to make the right decisions for your organization.