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Hello World

Hello World

My name is Zack Siri, I'm currently CTO of a FinTech startup. I love to code and solve difficult problems. I apply my craft to solve everyday problems for people.

I've been working as a developer since I was a teenager. My journey as a developer has taught me a lot, and I'll use this blog as a space to share my experience and thoughts that can potentially help others. If not help at least provoke some kind of productive thought.

Observing the world in the last few years has made me decide that my thoughts are generally un-popular because I love tackling the elephant in the room head on. I like to speak about inconvenient truths that no one usually likes to talk about. When others sweep dirt under the rug I like to pick up the rug, look at what's underneath just because I am on a journey to find the truth on everything.

If you are someone who enjoys talking about difficult topics then this blog is for you.